Our Mentoring Team

Our Mentors come from all walks of life while sharing a common thread, they are all women who have survived abuse. They share their wisdom to help others who are now walking this path of recovery.

Director & Supervisor Janet Rhodes

Janet is the Director of DASH and also the Supervisor of the Mentoring Program. Janet is also a survivor of domestic abuse. She stayed with her abuser for 15 years and has three children with him.  As a domestic abuse survivor Janet has seen the best and the worst a person can be. Like so many abusers, her husband knew how to be nicest man in public, but also a horrible monster behind closed doors.  In 2010, fearing for her life, Janet left her abusive marriage with her three children. Janet thought that upon leaving her life would be easier because she was no longer facing daily abuse, but she found there were new battles before her. Her and her children suffered many of the after effects of trauma; nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, along with age regression and acting out behaviors from her children. In 2011, after not understanding why she could not sleep, eat, or focus Janet went to her doctor and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the abuse.

The next eight years involved many counselling sessions and making her way through the Legal System to protect herself and her children. In 2017 Janet was awarded her divorce which included sole custody of her children with her ex not receiving access, and she received a lifetime restraining order against him. Along the way Janet realized that she wanted to help other Survivors of Domestic Abuse as she understood how difficult the road to healing can be. In 2011 Janet joined Verbal Abuse Journals, under author Kellie Jo Holly, as a Mentor to Survivors of Abuse.  In the following year Janet became the Supervisor of the Program and continues to run it today. In 2018 Janet became the Director at Verbal Abuse Journals and the organization was revamped. The name was changed to DASH-Domestic Abuse Survivor Help and with a new logo and website DASH became a Non-Profit.

Janet continued her journey by returning to school. Along with helping Survivors through DASH, Janet is a Clinical Trauma Professional, Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner, Therapist and Coach. You can find her business, Rhodes to Wellness Coaching at http://www.rhodestowellness.com

Mentor Serena

My name is Serena, I am 29 years old and I am a Domestic Violence Survivor of 3 years. My life changed when I made the decision to leave my abuser and take my kids to a Domestic Violence shelter.. There I realized  my normal life…was not so normal.. When I was at the shelter I was mentally at rock bottom I was afraid and did not even have a voice for myself, I blamed myself for all the abuse, I had an excuse for everything. My children and I stayed in the shelter for a whole year. Which gave me the opportunity to really work on myself to be strong again for my kids. That’s exactly what I did! I worked every single day to be a stronger woman , going to therapy everyday, attending and even running some group meetings. The staff I will NEVER forget because they never gave up on me they were so helpful  and never doubted me for a second! I was in an abusive relationship for seven years and never did I think I would be where I am today. FREE. After leaving the shelter it has been a GOAL for me to help women, to be that support, I want to truly inspire women! 

Mentor Marie

Marie’s abuse began at the age of 16 when she met her abuser who was 10 years her senior. The verbal abuse started 3 weeks into the relationship. Verbal abuse was followed by physical, economical, psychological and emotional abuse. She endured 7 years of domestic violence, which produced a daughter. She became pregnant while she was pursuing her nursing degree at the age of 19. Subsequently, she had to drop out of college to take care of her daughter. Her daughter was the only blessing from this relationship.

Although, she had a daughter with her abuser the abuse did not stop. He would go on to use their daughter as a pawn to continue his intimidation by threatening to kill the both of them or taking their daughter away from Marie. Her abuser not one to give up control used the court system as another means to control and terrorize her after the demise of their relationship, which continues to this present day.

 Once leaving her abuser she turned her situation around by becoming a life coach, speaker and blogger. Fighting against domestic violence has become her purpose and passion in life. Becoming a domestic violence mentor is an opportunity for her to help be a support system for those whose shoes she was once in. She believes it is possible to leave an abusive relationship and lead an abundant life.

Mentor Jess

Hi there. I’m Jess and am a survivor and mother of two sons who I like to call my Prince Charming’s. Our journey started a long time ago (although any amount of time is too long) and we’ve faced so much adversity. My children are 8 years apart so their development was affected in very different ways and they coped in two unique ways. We have had to move numerous times. When we weren’t moving we kept having to return to safe shelters until our abuser was found. I never objected as it was a morbid situation. It just felt so unfair that we were the ones locked up. Today I can look back with my head held high knowing that everything we had to do felt like a dying battle but it wasn’t. We survived and are thriving better than I ever could have imagined. Having to help us heal through the built up trauma while having to relocate and go into hiding was not at all easy. I questioned if all of these people who were supposed to be helping were making things worse. It, at times, certainly felt like it. But through all of the supports and experiences I became very resourceful indeed. From where to reach out federally to provincially and municipally (State and County) I sharpened myself and became very keen within systems and resources. My ability for safety planning became part of my nature. Through all the times I was warned of the statistics we face I became one and finally started to trust that the people in my corner did understand and were there for our best interest. In the beginning I knew our lives had been ruined. And I’m not saying that’s not the case. But surviving has given me a gift that I value so much today. That I was able to not only find myself again but even happier than I knew happiness to be before domestic abuse. I have been mentoring for a few years and the growth from when I started has been the best. Forming supports and relationships together through places like these weren’t easy to safely find. These relationships are a two way street where we equally help each other. When I hear someone going through certain phases it gives me comfort because I know that if I went through the very same thing than they will too.

Mentor Lindsey

Lindsey, 39 year old who survived a 6 year mental and financially abusive relationship, one where she left and went back on many occasions. It was not until she spoke to others about what had happened did she realize how bad it actually was.

During the abusive relationship, she admits she was lost and not herself, after counselling and mentoring, she has become herself again and it is wonderful, making her the person she is today, a survivor.

She wishes to educate and guide others and empower them to become who they really are. She is caring and empathetic and strives to help others to be who they want to be.


Some of our Mentors decide to remain anonymous on our website and we respect their privacy.

“a Mentor is a leader who gently guides others to lead themselves”

“Meeting my mentor was like meeting an old friend-someone who knew me before the abusive relationship changed me.”


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