Support for the relationship abuse survivor

Our Mission

To create freedom from domestic abuse for everyone, in whatever form that takes for them, shining a guiding light with the wisdom of our own experience as survivors.

What we do

Get Support

We offer email support, via our Mentoring Team, to people who

  • Are ready to get out of an abusive relationship.
  • Need to stay in an emotionally abusive relationship for now.
  • Feel like they are stuck in an abusive relationship forever.
  • Left an abusive relationship and want help healing from relationship abuse.

DASH also offers a 6 week online support group for abused women. For more info email

Donate today

DASH is a non-profit that supports abuse survivors on their healing journey. We know from our own personal journeys how hard it is to recover from abuse. Sometimes it is what appears to be a small hurdle that is really the largest. Donations to DASH are used to send money to a newly single mom who needs to buy diapers while she rebuilds her life for her baby and herself. Or to a survivor who is desperate to wash her clothes at the local laundry mat so that she can have clean clothes for an all important job interview. Whatever the hurdle is, we aim to support survivors as they rebuild their lives following abuse.

Thank you in advance for your donation.

Give Support

Are you an abuse survivor and are ready to give back by being a Peer Mentor? If so, apply to join our Mentoring Team!

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